A suitable tree for every location

At Van den Berk Nurseries we are convinced that a suitable tree can be found for any location. A great deal is possible with knowledge of trees, a good plan and the right preparation. Below, we have compiled a number of green solutions for specific planting sites or plants that have distinct characteristics. By clicking on a block of photos you will be redirected to a page showing more information, examples of projects and a number of suggestions for trees that have already proven themselves.

These examples are for inspiration purposes only because 1600 species and cultivars offer a vast range of options.

If you need advice to suit your particular requirements, please feel free to contact our sales team, because a successful greenery project starts off by making the right choices. We know what is required to allow the trees to flourish and we are glad to share our knowledge with you.

Greenery in the city requires teamwork

Green surroundings increase the quality of the outdoor space. Multiple studies have long revealed the huge benefits of greenery in the city in terms of climate, health, social cohesion and even the economy (see The Green City). However, it is not always easy to achieve good quality greenery in an urban environment. The growing underground infrastructure makes it difficult for tree roots to find their way, compression of the soil due to traffic severely restricts the supply of oxygen and above ground we are seeing greater increases in temperature and humidity peaks. This in turn requires greater efforts on the part of landscape designers, civil engineers, greenery contractors and greenery managers as well as an integrated approach.

Tree expertise for successful greenery projects

When a collaboration between designer, landscaper and supplier is set up at an early stage, then the greenery project has the most chance of succeeding. It is for this reason that we are involved early on, inviting everyone to explore the options at the nursery and discuss the concept plans with us. We are happy to share our knowledge of trees and act as a source of information about the myriad possibilities on offer. You are also welcome to book an exploratory visit to gain some inspiration. Contact our sales team for an appointment.